Two apps that make Rikoten more fun

Pamphlet App

The official Rikoten Pamphlet app

Pamphlets with event list, timetables, and more, right on your phone!

In addition, there are many features that only an app can provide, such as event search and notifications!

  • Rikoten pamphlet App!


    Rikoten pamphlet app! There are many contents to enjoy Rikoten, such as walk rally and AR!

  • Enjoy Wasemeshi at a special price!


    Here come the coupons for the popular Wasemeshi such as Menjii, Menchintei, and Galasha! Let's take this opportunity to enjoy Wasemeshi at a special price!

  • Enjoy Rikoten more conveniently!


    There are so many contents that only an app can provide, like planning searches, bookmarks, event notifications, and more!

Virtual Rikoten App

Lots of contents only available in the virtual world!

You can take a balloon ride to explore the campus from the sky, buy items from shops,

learn about the Nishi-Waseda campus in our campus guide!

  • A content only available online!


    Take a balloon ride, talk with characters, or get a gift from a gacha. There are a lot of contents that you can only find in the app that you can't find in the real Rikoten!

  • Over 50 events!


    Once you step into the classroom, you'll find a lot of events going on. From stage performances to seminar introductions, let's take a peek at Waseda University's Faculty of Science and Engineering that you can't usually see.

  • Explore the campus at your leisure!


    This app shows the Nishi-Waseda campus where Rikoten are held every year. You can control your own character and explore the campus as if you were there!

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