Waseda Festival is not the only school festival at Waseda University!

Rikoten is the school festival of Waseda University, which is held at the beginning of November every year at the Nishiwaseda Campus of Waseda University.

This year, we negotiated with the university repeatedly, we have decided to hold the 68th Rikoten on November 6 (Sat.) and 7 (Sun.) on the Nishiwaseda campus. In addition, we have prepared a variety of online contents, such as a website and apps, so that you can enjoy the exhibition online as well.

This year, as in previous years, we will offer a wide range of programs, from research presentations and lectures to hands-on experiments with visitor participation, so that everyone can see, feel, and enjoy the various aspects of science.

We hope that as many people as possible will have a good time through the various experiences at the 68th Rikoten. We hope you will spend two special days with us.

  • President Greetings

    68th Rikoten executive committee President
    Hayate Ouchi

Thank you for visiting the 68th Rikoten today. Rikoten is a school festival held on the Nishiwaseda campus, and as the name suggests, it is a school festival that brings out the colors of science and engineering. Why don't you find out what you can do because of Waseda and what you can do because of science?

And the theme of this year's Rikoten is 'Bon voyage!'. Bon voyage is a French word that means 'Have a good trip!' and contains a wish for those who leave the trip to be safe. In recent years, our living environment has changed drastically, and the opportunities to enjoy traveling have decreased. Therefore, I would like you to experience the feeling of traveling through various experiences at this science and engineering exhibition.

Although the situation is unstable, I hope that everyone will smile as much as possible through Rikoten. Then, please enjoy Rikoten!

  • Senior Dean of FSE

    Waseda University FSE Senior Dean
    Shigeki Sugano

Let's chase a dream

Welcome to Rikoten.

Originally, I would like you to come to the campus, actually see, touch, and experience cutting-edge science and technology, but due to COVID-19, Rikoten is held in a hybrid format that combines online and on-site implementation this year. The students who manage Rikoten have prepared an opportunity that you can enjoy in both virtual and real spaces.

Science and technology bring us dreams. It's science fiction, it's a mysterious phenomenon, it's a mysterious change, it's a mysterious object, and each is a world where you can immerse yourself in the excitement that arouses your curiosity. At Waseda's Faculty of Science and Engineering, there are many students who have pursued this dream and entered the university. Rikoten is a place where senior high school students, junior high school students, elementary school students, parents, and other university students can gather and share their dreams.

For a short time, experience the cutting edge of science and technology in both virtual and real spaces in Rikoten, and try to overlap your dreams. Maybe there will be new discoveries.

Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering
Senior Dean Shigeki Sugano
(CSE Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering Professor)