Numbered tickets is required to participate in some events.

  • Numbered tickets will be distributed 45 minutes before the start.
  • Stage events, lectures and kids labs will open 10 minutes before the performance starts.
  • Except for stage events, lectures and kids labs, numbered tickets are distributed at any time during the event period.
  • If you don't get the numbered ticket for the stage event, you can watch the live stream on 57-201. No numbered ticket is required to watch the live stream.
    ※There is no live distribution only for 【S-01】LIVE STAND
  • In stage events being held from 10 o'clock on both days, 【S-10】Waseda Bakuon 2021 and【S-11】freestyle basketball there is no numbered ticket distributed. It will be on a first-come, first-served basis from the opening (9:50).
  • In case of rain, 【S-07】Rikoten Owarai Live~Gerradon~ will be held in 57-202. Also, performances will be canceled for other stage events except 【S-01】LIVE STAND ※ In case of light rain, it may be carried out, so we will contact you by broadcasting on the day of the school.

List of numbered ticket distribution places

Event's name numbered
【E-02】Chemical Light 56-502 56-502
【E-03】Colored Crystal Glass
【E-04】Let's make a snow globe with artificial salmon eggs.
【E-05】Let's Make Air Fresheners
【E-09】lecture of Pr. Toyoizumi 54-201 63-201
【E-10】lecture of Pr.Hasuike
【R-06】Kids Labo 53-403 53-403
【S-01】LIVE STAND Stage Right side 57-202
【S-02】Whistling Ensemble♪ Courtyard stage
【S-04】Tokyo Hnabi 2021
【S-05】infinity main performance
【S-06】Getappers Rikoten Stage 2021
【S-07】Rikoten Owarai Live~Gerradon~
【S-08】Oasis Dance Performance
【S-13】~tugarushamisenn daigassou~