Rikoten No.1 is a event which decides the most popular event in Rikoten!

Various prizes will be sent to the group that received the most votes in the overall and the group that collected the most votes in each department. Your one vote may decide the first place ...!?

You can vote by pressing the Good button at the top of the project article on 68th Rikoten website. The voting period is from Saturday, November 6th, 9:00 to Sunday, November 7th, 15:00. You cannot vote multiple times for one event.

How to vote of Rikoten No.1

The results will be announced at the closing ceremony held on November 7th (Sun) at the courtyard stage in front of Building 52, along with the award ceremony. At the same time, it will be announced on the official Twitter and Instagram of 68th Rikoten, and will be announced on 68th Rikoten website at a later date.